Can I track inventory levels and sales through Amazon FBA

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Yes, Amazon provides comprehensive tools for sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to track inventory levels, sales, and other important metrics directly through the Seller Central dashboard. These tools are designed to help sellers manage their inventory effectively, plan for replenishment, and analyze their sales performance. Here’s how you can track inventory levels and sales through Amazon FBA:

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Dashboard: The Inventory Dashboard in Seller Central offers a high-level overview of your current inventory status, including inventory that is available for sale, inbound shipments, and inventory that needs your attention (e.g., low stock alerts, overstock, and restock recommendations).
  • Manage Inventory: Under the “Inventory” tab in Seller Central, you can view detailed listings of your inventory, including quantities available, reserved (for pending orders), and inbound shipments. This page allows for actions like adjusting prices, editing product details, and initiating replenishment shipments.
  • Inventory Health Report: This report provides in-depth analysis of your inventory performance over time, including sales velocity, turnover rates, and recommendations to reduce excess inventory or avoid stockouts.

Sales Tracking

  • Business Reports: Amazon’s Business Reports section in Seller Central provides detailed data on your sales performance, including orders, sales, returns, and customer metrics. These reports can be customized by time period, product, and geography.
  • Sales Dashboard: The Sales Dashboard gives a quick overview of your sales performance, including daily sales, historical trends, and comparisons to previous periods. It’s a useful tool for a quick snapshot of your business’s health.
  • Payments Reports: In the “Payments” section of Seller Central, you can track your earnings from sales, including breakdowns of Amazon fees, shipping costs, and other deductions. This helps you understand your net revenue from your FBA sales.

Monitoring and Alerts

  • Restock Inventory: Amazon provides restock recommendations based on your sales velocity and current inventory levels. These recommendations can help you decide when to replenish your inventory to avoid stockouts.
  • Inventory Performance Index (IPI): The IPI score reflects how well you’re managing your inventory. A higher score indicates effective inventory management, affecting your storage limits and eligibility for certain FBA benefits.

Mobile Management

  • Amazon Seller App: The Amazon Seller mobile app allows you to track sales and inventory levels on the go. It provides notifications for important events like low inventory alerts, new orders, and received shipments.

By utilizing these tools, FBA sellers can stay informed about their inventory status, optimize their inventory levels based on sales patterns, and make data-driven decisions to improve their sales and operational efficiency. It’s important to regularly review these metrics and reports to adjust your inventory and sales strategies accordingly.

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