Can international sellers join Walmart Marketplace?

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Absolutely, international sellers can join the Walmart Marketplace party! It’s like a global festival of sellers. But, as with any international event, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. U.S. Business Operations: You need to have a U.S. address for returns. Think of it as your little home base in the States. Also, you should have a U.S. tax ID (EIN). It’s like your official party badge.

  2. Banking Requirements: Your bank account doesn’t necessarily have to be in the U.S., but you do need one that can handle U.S. currency. After all, you’ll be raking in those dollars!

  3. Compliance with U.S. Laws: Just like anyone partying in the U.S., you’ve got to follow U.S. laws and regulations. This includes all the legal stuff around selling products, like safety standards and import restrictions.

  4. Product Shipping: You should be able to ship your products to U.S. customers in a timely manner. Nobody likes waiting forever for their party favors!

  5. Customer Service in English: You’ll need to provide customer service in English. It’s like the common language at this global marketplace fiesta.

  6. E-commerce History: Walmart likes to see that you’ve got some experience selling online. It’s like showing your previous party credentials.

So, if you’re an international seller and you’ve got all this covered, you’re pretty much set to join the Walmart Marketplace. It’s a big, diverse party of sellers from all over the globe!

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