How does Walmart Marketplace handle shipping and fulfilment?

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Alrighty, when it comes to shipping and fulfillment on Walmart Marketplace, think of it like a DIY project with a bit of Walmart-style support. Here’s the rundown, with a nod to their Virtual Assistant:

  1. DIY Shipping: As a seller, you’re in charge of shipping your own products. This means you pack and ship each order that comes through. It’s like being Santa’s little helper, but all year round!

  2. Shipping Options: You can offer different shipping methods – standard, expedited, next day, etc. It’s like choosing your own adventure, but for shipping!

  3. Shipping Templates: Walmart has these nifty things called shipping templates. They let you set up different shipping rules and speeds for different products. Handy if you’re selling everything from feather-light scarves to super-heavy dumbbells.

  4. Order Management: Stay on top of your orders! Walmart’s system lets you know when there’s a new order, and you can manage everything through the Seller Center. It’s your mission control for orders.

  5. Shipping Costs: You decide how much to charge for shipping. You can go with free shipping (everyone loves that), set a fixed price, or calculate it based on size and destination. It’s like picking your own shipping adventure.

  6. Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS): For those who don’t want to handle shipping themselves, there’s WFS. You send your products to Walmart’s fulfillment centers, and they take care of the rest – storage, shipping, customer service, and returns. It’s like having a big buddy to help out.

  7. Tracking and Updates: Always provide tracking info. This way, your customers aren’t left wondering where their package is vacationing.

So, in summary, you’ve got a lot of control over how you ship your products, with options to go solo or partner up with Walmart for a bit of extra muscle. Just make sure to keep your shipping game strong – it’s a big deal for customers!

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