How to Create Account on Google Adwords

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Creating an account on Google AdWords involves the following steps:

Visit Google Ads Website:

Click “Start Now”:

  • Click on the “Start Now” button on the homepage.

Sign In or Create Google Account:

  • Sign in with your existing Google account or create a new one if you don’t have an account.

Enter Business Information:

  • Fill in your business information, including the business name and website.

Set Location and Time Zone:

  • Specify your business location and time zone.

Choose Campaign Goals:

  • Select your advertising goals, such as website traffic, sales, or leads.

Create Your First Campaign:

  • Set up your first advertising campaign by defining the campaign type, budget, and targeting options.

Enter Billing Information:

  • Provide billing details for your advertising expenses.

Submit and Review:

  • Review your information, accept the terms, and submit your account setup.

Explore Google Ads Dashboard:

  • Once your account is created, explore the Google Ads dashboard to manage campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Remember to follow Google’s advertising policies and guidelines to ensure your ads comply with their standards.

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