How to Create Dynamic Ads Campaign on Instagram

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Dynamic Ads allow you to promote your products automatically to people who have expressed interest on your website, app, or elsewhere on the internet. Keep in mind that the process may have evolved, so it’s essential to check the most recent guidelines on the official Facebook and Instagram help centers for the latest information. Here’s a general guide on how to create Dynamic Ads on Instagram:


  • Facebook Business Page:
    • Ensure that you have a Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have one, create it on Facebook.
  • Product Catalog:
    • Set up a product catalog in Facebook Business Manager. The catalog is a container that holds information about all the items you want to advertise.
  • Facebook Pixel:
    • Install the Facebook Pixel on your website. The Pixel helps track the actions people take on your site and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

Steps to Create Dynamic Ads on Instagram:

  • Access Facebook Business Manager:
    • Go to and log in to your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Navigate to Ad Manager:
    • Click on the ‘Ad Manager’ option in the left-hand menu.
  • Create a New Campaign:
    • Click on the ‘+ Create’ button to start a new campaign.
  • Choose Ad Objective:
    • Select an objective that supports Dynamic Ads. “Catalog Sales” is often used for this purpose.
  • Set Up Ad Set:
    • Define your audience, budget, and schedule in the ad set section. Connect your Instagram account and select ‘Manual Placement’ to include Instagram.
  • Configure Ad Creative:
    • In the ad creative section, select ‘Dynamic Ad’ as the ad format.
  • Select Product Catalog:
    • Choose the product catalog you want to use for your Dynamic Ads.
  • Create Ad Template:
    • Set up an ad template that defines how your ads will look. This includes selecting elements such as images, headlines, and calls-to-action.
  • Review and Confirm:
    • Review your ad details, targeting, and budget. Once satisfied, click ‘Confirm’ to launch your Dynamic Ads campaign.
  • Monitor and Optimize:
    • Keep an eye on the performance of your Dynamic Ads through Ads Manager. You can adjust your budget, audience, and other settings based on the campaign’s performance.


  • Ensure that your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page and that your business complies with Instagram’s advertising policies.
  • The features and processes on social media platforms can change, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information from Facebook and Instagram.

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