How to Create IGTV Ads Campaign on Instagram

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IGTV ads are typically part of broader ad campaigns with video content designed for Instagram’s long-form video platform. Here’s a general guide to creating IGTV ads:

1. Access Facebook Ads Manager:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Create a New Ad Campaign:

  • Click on “Create” to start a new ad campaign. Choose your marketing objective based on your goals (e.g., Video Views, Conversions).

3. Set Up Your Ad Set:

  • Define your target audience, budget, and schedule in the Ad Set section. Choose “Manual” placement and select “Instagram” as one of the placements.

4. Choose Ad Format:

  • In the Ad Creative section, choose the “Single Video” ad format. IGTV ads typically involve using a single video for the campaign.|

5. Upload IGTV Video:

  • Upload the video content that you want to use for your IGTV ad. Ensure the video adheres to Instagram’s IGTV video requirements.

6. Configure Video Settings:

  • Customize video settings such as video aspect ratio, thumbnail image, and other relevant details. IGTV videos are typically in a vertical or square format.

7. Create Ad Copy:

  • Craft compelling ad copy that complements your IGTV video. Write a caption, headline, and description that encourage users to engage with your content.

8. Configure Ad Display:

  • Choose the Instagram account you want to use for your ad, and configure display settings. Include a website URL and a call-to-action button if applicable.

9. Review and Confirm:

  • Review your ad details in the “Review” section. Confirm that your targeting, budget, and creative elements are set up correctly.

Additional Tips:

  • Optimize Video for IGTV: IGTV videos can be longer than regular Instagram videos. Optimize your content for longer durations if needed.
  • Compelling Thumbnails: Choose an engaging thumbnail image for your IGTV video to encourage users to click and watch.
  • Use IGTV Features: Leverage IGTV features such as video series and IGTV previews to maximize engagement.
  • Experiment with Content: Test different types of content to identify what resonates best with your audience on IGTV.

Remember that Instagram’s advertising features may evolve over time, and new options or changes to the platform might be introduced. Always stay informed about the latest updates and features in Facebook Ads Manager.

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