How to Run YouTube Ads on Google AdWords

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To run YouTube Ads using Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), follow these steps:

  • Create a Google Ads Account:

    • If you don’t have a Google Ads account, go to the Google Ads website and sign up.

  • Link Google Ads and YouTube Accounts:

    • Ensure that your Google Ads account is linked to your YouTube channel. This is important for running ads on YouTube.

  • Create a Campaign:

    • In your Google Ads account, click on “Campaigns” and then the “+ Campaign” button.
    • Choose the campaign goal that aligns with your marketing objectives. For YouTube Ads, “Brand Awareness and Reach,” “Product and Brand Consideration,” or “Leads and Website Traffic” may be suitable.

  • Select Campaign Type:

    • Choose “Video” as the campaign type.

  • Set Campaign Settings:

    • Configure your campaign settings, including the campaign name, budget, bidding strategy, and targeting options.
    • Specify locations, languages, and other demographic targeting options.

  • Create Ad Group:

    • Within your campaign, create an ad group where you will set your targeting and create ads.
    • Choose targeting options such as demographics, interests, and keywords.

  • Create YouTube Ad:

    • Choose the ad format you want to use (e.g., In-stream, Discovery, or Bumper Ads).
    • Upload your video ad or create one using YouTube’s video ad builder.
    • Add a compelling headline, description, and thumbnail to attract viewers.

  • Set Bidding and Budget:

    • Choose your bidding strategy based on your campaign goals.
    • Set a daily or campaign budget for your YouTube Ads.

  • Review and Launch:

    • Review all your settings and ad creatives to ensure everything is set up correctly.
    • Click “Save” or “Launch Campaign” to start running your YouTube Ads.

  • Monitor and Optimize:

    • Regularly monitor the performance of your YouTube Ads in the Google Ads dashboard.
    • Analyze key metrics such as views, click-through rate (CTR), and conversions.
    • Adjust your targeting, bidding, and creative elements based on performance.

Remember to adhere to YouTube’s advertising policies and guidelines while creating and running your ads. Regularly optimizing and experimenting with different ad elements will help you improve the effectiveness of your YouTube Ads campaign.

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