The Ultimate Checklist: Removing an Amazon Account Suspension

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It can be quite a problem when an Amazon account gets suspended; however, there are certain measures that can be taken to rectify the situation and restore your shop. Remember that the procedure could be different depending on what sellers should do, and adhere to Amazon’s rules. Below steps can give you a general Idea of what you can do. You can also contact a reliable Amazon Management agency for seeking professional advise.

Review Suspension Notice:

Please read and understand carefully from Suspension Notice on Amazon. It must contain details on basis of suspension and how to rectify it.

Identify the Issue:

Find out why you were suspended. The reason for this maybe in form of policies violation, customers complains, authenticity concerns about some products, and so on.

Address the Root Cause:

Identify and rectify the underlying factor for suspending you out. Ensure that you change accordingly in order to be compliant with Amazon’s rules in relation to such issue as a product or policy violation.

Create a Plan of Action (POA):

Provide a thorough POA outlining the measures taken towards resolving the problem, preventative measures put in place to minimize future infractions and additional documents/evidence.

Submit the Appeal:

You are required to use your Seller Central dashboard to make the request via email. Be clear on the strategies you have employed before writing and ensure that you include any additional information requested by Amazon. Ensure that you communicate in a short and formal manner. Please review Amazon Appeal questionnaire for more insights

Follow Up:

Kindly, monitor emails sent as well as your seller central account to find whether updates are made by amazon after you have submitted your appeal. In response, they could demand more details or ask more questions for further understanding. Quickly respond to any correspondence from Amazon.

Monitor Performance Metrics:

Monitor how your account is doing, ensuring that you keep a good track-record. Ensure that you follow all Amazon policies and guidelines so as not to have further problems.

Seek Professional Help (Optional):

In case you will not be able to cope with this process or your claim will be refused again and again make sure that you request some professional assistance. EcommerceAlly has assisted multiple sellers in dealing with the suspension of their accounts on Amazon.

Keep in mind that the outcome of your appeal will be determined by the nature of the violation, the actions you have undertaken to address it, and the simplicity and effectiveness of your Plan of Action. Be patience during the whole process and make sure you know and obey Amazon policies. You can also hire Amazon Experts to handle the suspension.