What are the requirements for becoming a seller on Walmart Marketplace?

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Becoming a seller on Walmart Marketplace is like setting up your own digital shop in a giant online mall. Here’s the scoop on what you need to join the party:

  1. U.S. Business Tax ID (EIN) and W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the IRS: You’ve gotta be legit tax-wise. This means if you’re a U.S. business, you need your EIN (Employer Identification Number) and the W9 form. Non-U.S. sellers need a W8 and an EIN Verification Letter from the IRS.

  2. Address Proof for Business: Just like when you’re getting a new ID, Walmart wants to know you are where you say you are. Any document that proves your business address will do the trick.

  3. Planned Integration Method for Your Product Catalog: This is all about how you plan to list your stuff on the site. Are you going techy with an API (Application Programming Interface), or keeping it simple with a solution provider or direct upload?

  4. Primary Product Categories, Catalog Size, and Related Details: Imagine you’re telling a friend what you sell. What’s your main jam? Electronics? Clothes? Home stuff? Spill the details, including how many items you’ve got.

  5. Previous E-commerce History: Walmart’s curious about your online selling past. It’s like they’re asking, “Have you done this online shop thing before?”

  6. Business References: Yep, you need some professional pals to vouch for you. It’s like having references for a job interview but for selling stuff online.

Once you have all these pieces together, you apply online, and then there’s a bit of waiting. Walmart checks you out, makes sure everything’s cool, and if it is, you get the green light to start selling!

So, basically, gather your business info, show you’re a pro at selling stuff, and let Walmart know what cool things you’ve got to offer. It’s like setting up your own little shop in the big Walmart world!

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