Who is responsible for shipping products on eBay Marketplace

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On eBay Marketplace, the seller is responsible for shipping products to the buyer. Here’s how the shipping process typically works from the seller’s perspective:

  • Listing the Item: When listing an item, sellers must specify shipping options, including the shipping service(s), cost, and handling time. Sellers can choose to offer free shipping or charge the buyer for shipping costs. They can also specify international shipping options.

  • Shipping Cost: Sellers can set a fixed shipping cost or use eBay’s calculated shipping feature, which determines the cost based on the item’s size, weight, and the distance between the seller’s and buyer’s locations.

  • Handling Time: Sellers are required to specify the handling time, which is the time between receiving the order and handing the item over to the shipping carrier. Sellers commit to shipping the item within this specified timeframe.

  • Shipping the Item: Once the item is sold and payment is received, the seller must pack the item securely and ship it using the shipping method specified in the listing. Sellers are encouraged to use a shipping method that includes tracking and, for higher-value items, insurance.

  • Providing Tracking Information: After shipping, sellers should provide the buyer with the tracking number and any other relevant shipping information. This allows buyers to track the shipment and helps protect sellers in case of delivery disputes.

  • International Shipping: For international sales, sellers must navigate customs regulations and additional paperwork. eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) can simplify this process by handling customs clearance and international shipping logistics for sellers.

  • Shipping Disputes: If there are shipping-related issues, such as delays or items arriving damaged, the seller is typically responsible for resolving these issues with the buyer. This may involve refunds, returns, or sending a replacement item.

Final Answer: The seller is responsible for shipping products on eBay Marketplace. This responsibility includes specifying shipping details in the listing, choosing a shipping method, packing and shipping the item upon sale, providing tracking information to the buyer, and handling any shipping-related disputes or issues.

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