Who manages customer reviews and feedback on eBay

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On eBay Marketplace, customer reviews and feedback are managed through a system that involves both buyers and sellers:

1. Buyer Feedback: After a transaction, buyers are encouraged to leave feedback about their experience with the seller. This feedback includes a positive, neutral, or negative rating, along with a short comment about the transaction. Buyers can rate their experience based on item description accuracy, communication with the seller, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges.

2. Seller Feedback Management: Sellers can manage their received feedback by responding to buyers’ comments, especially if they receive neutral or negative feedback. Sellers can leave a reply to feedback, offering their perspective or clarifying any misunderstandings. However, sellers cannot delete feedback left by buyers. If a seller believes feedback is unfair or violates eBay’s policies, they can request eBay to review and potentially remove it.

3. Feedback Revision: Sellers can request buyers to revise their feedback if both parties resolve the issue that led to negative or neutral feedback. This process encourages communication between buyers and sellers to resolve disputes amicably.

4. Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs): In addition to overall feedback, buyers can also leave Detailed Seller Ratings, which are anonymous ratings on aspects of the transaction like item description, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling costs. These ratings help buyers make informed decisions and encourage sellers to provide high-quality service.

5. eBay’s Role: eBay moderates the feedback system to ensure it’s used fairly and according to their policies. eBay can remove feedback that violates their rules, such as feedback containing inappropriate language, personal information, or feedback that is irrelevant to the transaction.

Final Answer: Customer reviews and feedback on eBay are managed through a collaborative system involving both buyers and sellers, with eBay overseeing the process to ensure fairness and policy compliance. Buyers leave feedback based on their transaction experience, while sellers manage their reputation by responding to feedback and resolving issues. eBay moderates the system to maintain its integrity and effectiveness.

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